Chair Yoga
1 hour with Erley Combs
Keep Moving! Be wise and well while you move through gentle stretches on a chair. Also a great time for a little socialising in the NEW tea lounge. This class is by donation. Bring a friend.
Dance Hour
1 hour with Erley Combs
A great fitness workout along with calming the mind! It is great for bringing more movement and variety into your body and life. It alternates between flowing movement and holding postures. Come with a flexible mind and prepare to unwind with the music, drum beat or meditative breath.
Gentle Flow
1 hour with Erley Combs
Great for tight bodies and releasing tension in both body and mind. A great session for guys that think they are not flexible enough to practice yoga. Beginners and seasoned yogi's are welcome to join this class.
Yin Yoga
1 hour with Rosie Williams
Melt into Yuminess! Enjoy poses that will calm your nervous system and release the kinks in your spine. Great for those who build up tension in the back and hips. Experience the zen of the mindful class in restful postures that will relax the body and still the mind, leaving you nourished and well rested. Yin is a therapeutic class that is meditative, slow paced, and helps balance an active lifestyle. We will explore long deep stretching to enhance flexibility and joint mobility while encouraging healing and release.
Gentle Deep Stretch Aerial
1 hour with Rosie Williams
Yoga first thing in the morning is amazing! Aerial Yoga is even better! Newbies and studio regulars welcome for this one. A more gentle class in the silks. Slow deep stretching, gentle strengthening and calming for the mind. Come play with us in this fun form of exercise and health. Finding a connection between your body, mind and breath is going to set you up for a wonderful day. Enjoy the Rise & Shine classes that will set you up for a fresh new day!
Core Flow
1 hour
The physical part of the practice is about bringing balance to the body. Some of us can benefit from more mobility (flexibility) while for others building strength and stability is going to be more useful. Our understanding of this and our knowledge of how to personalise the postures is essential to getting the most out of the practice. This class uses a combination of movement, postures and breath to work on strength, flexibility and balance to give you a good physical work-out, and a sense of calm, to keep you balanced and nurtured. Great for beginners or seasoned yogis.
Meditation by donation
45 minutes
Stillness & Sound will be a practice of stilling the body and mind while allowing breath to be our anchor. Developing a healthy habit so body and mind will look forward to quietening down and breathe calmness. A great way to cleanse from the inside out.
Intuitive Flow
1 hour with Stephanie Menard
Get your body moving, your face smiling and your mind resting.